After a mastectomy, surgery or breast reconstruction, people may feel they’ve had a part of themselves removed, & want to reclaim their body as opposed to hide their scars & new body shape away. For some people, getting a tattoo gives them the chance to create something beautiful, and can help them move forward after breast cancer.

Two years ago, Hannah was chatting to a work colleague about her plans for a mastectomy tattoo - having had experience working for tattoo artists & being heavily decorated herself - her colleague, Sarah, had approached her for general advice. It became apparent during this conversation that it had been a good idea for her to seek advice - for example Sarah had been planning to run a half marathon a week after her tattoo appointment to raise money for cancer research - an amazing idea but unfortunately not something you should be doing during the tattoo healing process. After realising that Sarah had no previous experience in tattoos, and understanding the huge emotional weight the process of a masectomy tattoo would hold for her - Hannah realised that there was a real need for support & advice for the many people facing a similar choice.

From tattoo styles, preparation & aftercare, to putting people in touch with the right artists for them and negotiating waiting lists, Hannah knew she had something to offer in terms of help. This is how her idea was born to set up a Not For Profit orgnisation to help people going through this experience.

My brief was to come up with a branding concept, from brand name to logo & website design, for an NGO dedicated to informing and inspiring people around the world who are on the look out for their perfect mastectomy tattoo artist & design.

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