My ‘All Together Now’ small venue design proposal was inspired by the idea of Shambala as a place of love - of bringing people together & building connections through shared beliefs & motivations centred on equality, respect & acceptance - whether that be in relation to one another or to the planet as a whole.

The circular spiral framework is designed to draw people in & lead them through to the heart of a versitile space that could act as a small presentation platform, a place of spiritual practice, or workshop area for learning & sharing.

The semi-opaque canopy of petals provides shelter & interesting internal light patterns creating a cosy, beautiful & unusual domed interior. A circular space that connects & focuses on the people emersed in activity within, without disconnecting them from the outside surroundings that will be visible through the transclucent materiality of the petals.

The petal design was inspired by mushroom & funghi growth, I was fascinated when learning about the evolution of mushrooms & their significance in the history of human spiritual development. Through increasing connections in the brain - studies have shown increase in open minded thought & awakening of spiritual values in the subjects of studies in over 90% of cases.

This inspiration linked well into my idea of designing a small venue focused on building connections & opening up minds and hearts to promote acceptance, love & respect. The beautiful petal structures & natural colours found in some of the reference images adjacent led to my final design which you can see in the drawings on the following pages.

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